Zoey Reyes

Zoey Reyes Zoey Reyes
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Tuesday nights are popular at Zoey Reye’s dance studio. That babe teaches a class called "Stripping For Your Gal". The class is just as it sounds: Zoey teaches guys how to entice their ladies through exotic dance. Sounds avid, but u know what? She’s got five slots open for that special class…and it is been a sell out since Day 1. You are about to investigate why: what starts as a hot dance class soon turns sex at dance class. Zoey Reyes has always had a thing for white boyz. She’ll do things with white bucks she’d not at all do with a "brother"! Don’t believe it? Watch today’s "dance lesson"! Doesn’t take lengthy for Zoey to drop to her knees to commence engulfing, and it is not much longer after that Zoey is naked naked, her long up and over the classroom parallel bars…and there is a line 5-men unfathomable willing to pound her doggy-style! Then, the mats are pulled out and tossed on the floor, where the "class" takes turns screwing her tight, pink cookie. She’ll even lick a white boy’s rectal hole! She’s then showered in man cream, but there is no way they can put that mats away until Zoey cleans the man-juice off…with her tongue!!
Zoey Reyes Zoey Reyes
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