Up and down and all around with Missy Masters

Up and down and all around with Missy Masters

Up and down and all around with Missy Masters

In her 1st photos–first time posing exposed professionally–48-year-old divorcee and Mother Missy Masters shows off her larger than average scoops and pink vagina and fingers her asshole.

Missy, who’s from Las Vegas, describes herself as “quirky. Joy. Bonkers. Definitely barmy. Adventurous. Out of control at times. I do things on a whim. I’ll break into song or give u a phrase from with out a clip just off the cuff.”

Or expose off her sexy body for all the world to see. She’ll do that, too.

Missy is a web digi camera adult model. She enjoys expert football (the New UK Patriots are her team), and that babe used to play soccer and volleyball. She enjoys reading, painting, hiking, art, wine, cooking and sex. She likes sex. This babe can’t live with out to cum.

But this babe was not always so into sex.

“Locked in a cage is my understanding,” this babe said.

And then she got divorced.

“I met this lad. This fellow just randomly said to me, ‘I crave to take u to a party, and it’s definitely a different kind of party, but you’re freaky in the bed, and I guess you’ll like this.'”

That babe was nervous. She didn’t wanna be randomly touched.

“But then we went, and it was adore Thanksgiving. I didn’t hesitate. And then Fifty Shades of Grey came out, and I read it and I was adore, ‘Whoa!’ What is this slaver shit? I receive to check it out. And I actually hired a corporalist to train me to be a sub, and it was hot. And it just went on from there. It was love a roller coaster ride.”

The latest stop in her roller coaster ride: 40SomethingMag.com. It’s a thrill ride, to be sure.

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