Tatiana – Parking in Rear

Parking in Rear

Parking in Rear

“I masturbate. I do it when I am not having sex regularly,” Tatiana said. “I rub my clitoris and keep teasing it untill I big O. I usually do not put my fingers into my cookie, but sometimes I slide a damp finger into my asshole when I’m just about to cum. It pushes me over the edge. I love when bucks do that, too.”

Tatiana is Twenty one years mature. She’s from Seattle, Washington, and she’s–get this–a valet parker. Yep, this slight piece of butt parks cars for a living, but u know what they say…ya got to eat. “Sometimes when things are slow, I’ll go to park a car, and then I’ll stay there a during the time that and receive myself off,” Tatiana said. “I wonder what the owner of the car would say if that dude knew that my vagina juices were all over his car seat.” This charmer probably wouldn’t say everything. He’d probably just take up with the tongue ’em off. We know that we would!

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