Tandra Day – Bad-Boy Attraction

Bad-Boy Attraction

Bad-Boy Attraction

“I do not know why, but I usually date jerks,” Tandra told us. “I’m not even that attracted to bad boyz or anything, but if I detect myself crushing on a lad, I know he is probably bad news. My last serious hubby took those pictures, and he was definitely a predicament with a capital ‘T’. This dude would come over truly late and wait me to service him. I am not proud to say that I did it nearly every time, but I was so attracted to him. That woman chaser too did this special thing with his fingers that made me squirt instantly. I’m serious! I would just be lying there and appreciating, then, bam, my slit would gush.”

“A lot of angels say that size doesn’t matter. That might be true for ’em, but I like a priceless cum-hole stretching! There’s no such thing as too large. The only downside is that anal is marvelous much off the table with a big pecker.”

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