Short Hair, Don’t Care.

Short Hair, Don’t Care.

Short Hair, Don't Care.

Shorthaired Sidra is a cutie from New Mexico. She grew up doing ballet and studying hard, eventually following both pursuits into college.

“I graduated and realized that the corporate world sucks. I figured I’d give porn a try,” she told us.

“Most men think my short hair is hot. I originally did it to piss off my asshole boss who was constantly making comments about how much more beautiful women are with long hair. You should have seen his face when I walked into the office with my head shaved bald! Since then, I’ve let it grow out a little, but I love the short hair lifestyle. I had one guy I was seeing ask if he could cum on my head when I was bald. I sucked and deepthroated him until he was about to nut, and then he jerked it onto my dome. It was kind of hot, I’m not going to lie.”

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