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Noemie Bilas Noemie Bilas
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Slender, ebony cutie Noemie Bilas is married to a skillful baseball player. They have a gracious house and a great life. Well. Kinda great. Noemie’s partner is a little-dicked black gent. I know what you’re thinking, but listen up: not all dark-skinned fellows have titanic dicks. It’s the truth! If u do not make no doubt of me, ask Noemie. Noemie and Hubby have a ally, Criss. Criss played baseball, also; in fact, he’s very close to Noemie’s spouse. They grew up playing ball together. So, when Criss failed in the Large Leagues, and did not do well in any job he took since retiring from the game, this petticoat chaser is become their "handy man". Now that Noemie’s Spouse is on a road tour, Noemie’s gonna work on some of her erotic frustrations out with her man’s topmost friend!! Noemie’s heard the "locker room gossip" about Criss’s huge one, and the one thing Noemie needs in her life is size. Criss gives it to her, also…right in Noemie’s marital bed! Criss works all 3 holes, his big white jock making one as well as the other her wet crack and backdoor gape!! Then, Criss dumps a big load directly in her constricted little cum-hole. No birth control? No problem! Boyfriend has plenty of specie to raise Noemie and Criss’s mullatto baby!
Noemie Bilas Noemie Bilas
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