Nadia’s first scene is a pisser!

Nadia’s first scene is a pisser!

Nadia's 1st scene is a pisser!

Nadia Night is taking a shower when the plumber unveils up. This man knocks on the door and walks into her apartment.

“I’m here for the plumbing,” he says. You are damn right this fellow is.

“I’m in here,” she says.

This smooth operator walks toward her baths. “Your plumbing seems precious,” this dude says. “Are u sure u need my assistance?”

“Yeah, come in here,” she says.

“Cover up. I am coming in.”

This gent comes in. This babe doesn’t cover up. She’s starkers. She tells him to sit down. Don’t plumbers have all the luck?

“There’s nothing not right with my plumbing,” this babe says, and that babe proves it by taking a void urine right there in the shower. Then this babe proves there’s nothing wrong with her throat by engulfing his dick. Then this woman chaser uses his pipe to plug her cum-hole.

As we said, do not plumbers have all the luck?

Those of you who also subscribe to SCORELAND might remember Nadia. She’s a monster titted girl who loved screwing on-camera. She’s still a gigantic titted chick who loves screwing on-camera, except now she’s 40 something.

And, yep, this babe does have a piddle fetish.

This babe rarely wears panties.

“I adore taking the risk,” this babe said.

She’s into a-hole slam, and that’s something you’ll see her doing soon. She is not a swinger. This babe thinks fetching clothes are overrated. She prepared for her scenes at by screwing a big wang the night in advance of this babe came here.

Gotta like a woman who cums prepared.

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