Meet Braylin

Meet Braylin

Meet Braylin

Job: Student; Age: 20; Birthdate: May 18; Height: 5’4″; Weight: 110 pounds; Bra Size: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Unsure about it; BJs: Cum on my tits or face; Masturbate: A bunch; Lives: Fort Bragg, California.

We asked Braylin to share the kinkiest thing she’s ever done. “Hmm…I think it would be public sex. I did it once when I was younger, and the thrill of being exposed got me to cum really quick. Ever since then, I’ve taken every opportunity to fuck outside, in parking lots, on rooftops and even at parties in front of people.”

Braylin is young and not as experienced as some girls her age. “I’ve only had sex with, like, five or six guys. I had a long-term boyfriend in high school, and he’s who I lost my virginity to. When we broke up, I tried to go wild and fuck around a lot, but it never happened for me. Oh, well. I guess that’s not the worst thing.”

“When I’m giving a blowjob, I prefer it when the guy cums on my tits or my face. If the guy asks me to swallow, I’ll do it, but some guys shoot a lot of cum. It’s hard to swallow all of it! But, back when I was with my boyfriend, I liked it when he’d cum inside me. I liked how I could feel him pulse, and I feel like his dick got bigger and hit my G-spot at just the right angle.

“One of my oldest friends is my sex guru. She’s, like, the most-experienced girl I know. She taught me how to masturbate and how to give BJs. She was the first person to eat me out, too, which was a life-changing event.”

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