Meet Amanda Verhooks’ friend Missy

Meet Amanda Verhooks’ ally Missy

Meet Amanda Verhooks' friend Missy

Missy Blewitt, a 50-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from Detroit, Michigan, makes her launch by sneaking around behind her hubby’s back and screwing our lady-killer Jimmy. She is wearing sexy underware and is willing for action. She sucks Jimmy’s shlong, bonks him every which way and takes his cum in her face hole.

Missy is a hard-bodied hottie who might remind you of 50Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE Amanda Verhooks. Well, it turns out that Amanda and Missy are friends, and Amanda pointed Missy in our direction. This goes to prove that 1.) Our adult models are our paramount recruiters; 2.) When we treat honey bunnys right and give them the penis they wish, they send their friends our way.

Missy is 5’3″ and weighs 138 pounds. This babe has D-cup scoops. That babe was born in Windsor, Ontario, just across the lake from Detroit. She is a hair stylist. She is too been a maid and a waitress and worked for a dry cleaner. We think this babe finally discovered the place that babe belongs: in our studio.

“Some people I know would be surprised to watch me here,” Missy told. “Some wouldn’t.”

Amanda wouldn’t.

Her swinging allies would not.

How often does that babe have sex?

“Every single day!”

Guess we caught her at the right time.

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