Long, Lean & Lusty

Lengthy, Lean & Lusty

Long, Lean & Lusty

Lengthy, lean and lusty–that’s Taffy. This babe stands 5’9″, nearly 6′ in heels, which this babe wears whenever she receives the chance.

“I couldn’t at any time date a guy shorter than me,” the Eighteen year mature told us. “I like to feel feminine and small when a man holds me. I wear heels to scare away the men who are put off by tall hotties. Some of ’em say the rudest things to me! I’ve been called sasquatch. Almost any chaps do not realize that they’re being offensive when they say things adore, ‘you’re beautiful for a tall cutie.'”

We do not mind a girl with height here at NM as lengthy as they can give us the goods. Luckily, Taffy does just that. Her sleek and toned body are just right for a wild romp.

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