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Kinsley Karter Kinsley Karter
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Kinsley Karter has an interesting job. She’s a wine consultant. Her clientele are very, very rich people, and Kinsley helps ’em do everything from choosing the very topmost wines to assist her clients have the very finest dinner parties to advising her clients who collect rare, nice bottles of wine. Like most consultants, Kinsley has clients that babe likes…and some she doesn’t love so much. That babe is rencounter with James Deen today, and yep, he’s one of her favorites. Kinsley can’t live without James so much, she is spent the last 4 or 5 of their business meetings flirting, and today that babe is disappointed. James won’t "take the bait", so to speak, so Kinsley is just plan to take matters in her own hands. Kinsley can see James staring at her milk sacks whenever she’s presenting wine to him, so why not use these to receive over here his trousers? Success! Their passion is evident here, from James eating Kinsley’s pleasing twat on his own dinner table to Kinsley’s multiple orgasms! The last climax belongs to James, who covers Kinsley’s attractive titties with rope after rope of his hawt, thick cum! Smth tells me these two will have some other "business meeting" pretty soon!
Kinsley Karter Kinsley Karter
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