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Kenzie Madison Kenzie Madison
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Kenzie likes football. This babe can’t live without to view games on Sunday at her friend Prince’s house. This Sunday’s match-up is her Baltimore team against Fresh Great Britain. Prince’s boy Dunky happens to be a Fresh UK fan and can’t live without to talk shit. Kenzie is weary of it and tells him to put his money where his face hole is. $20 to the first team that scores. Diminutive has a more beautiful wager in mind. If Fresh Great Britain scores 1st…Kenzie has to strip for them. If Baltimore scores 1st, he’ll give Kenzie $100. Rogering great deal Kenzie thinks, coz Baltimore had the ball. Well, Recent England’s defense disrobes the ball…and runs the fumble back 60 yds for a Touchdown. Kenzie loses…and now she’s got to keep her end of the bet. Take it off!!! So Kenzie starts taking her clothing off, but what started as an awkward moment turns to a dream for Kenzie. This babe is never had TWO boys previous to. She tells both to take out their stiff weenies. That babe drops to her knees and begins to service. This girl can suck a cock! Prince bows her glamourous bigger in size than standard ass over and slips his meat-thermometer deep inside her. This babe groans with delight as this babe chokes on Slim’s large black meat-thermometer. They pass her back and forth, draining her of orgasm after orgasm. For a 1st time with 2 rods, Kenzie takes it love a talented! Those fellows got way more than what they bargained for!
Kenzie Madison Kenzie Madison
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