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Kendall Woodz Kendall Woodz
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These days, it is called a banging a "random". 20 minutes ago, glamourous, skinny swarthy enchanting heart Kendall Woodz was walking through a parking lot, heading back to her car after shopping. This babe met a nice, white charmer with a silver tongue who, in a matter of minutes, got Kendall back to his place! Kendall doesn’t even know his last name! But there she’s, cheating on her spouse while a total stranger pleasant talks her into getting bare. Then, this ladies man does things with Kendall this babe not at any time does with her hubby! The Random skull shags her, gets Kendall to eat his gazoo, and then pulls Kendall’s briefs to the side and licks her wet crack and butt. Her knickers are off in no time! Kendall’s "random" fucks her slight, damp cunt, making her orgasm multiple times! When his testicles can no longer contain its monumental wad, Kendall’s white lover shoves her to the ground, where this smooth operator blasts directly into her face hole…and all over her marvelous face!!!
Kendall Woodz Kendall Woodz
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