Karma Rx

Karma Rx Karma Rx
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You purchased a cuckold session, and Karma Rx is your Cuckoldress. This means she’s going to talk to you…and merely u. In this session, once you have paid up, Karma will kick off in with some "SPH" — diminutive wang humiliation. This is one of the reasons you are a cuck and not screwing Karma. You know she’ll at not time feel your jock, so why try? Even if Karma allowed you to shag her, your history with premature man-juice fountain will certainly come back to rear its unattractive head. Cause…let’s face it: you’re a 2-pump chump. Oh, Karma will drain your wallet, likewise. This includes your credit card, which Karma will take…along with your PIN number. After your session, she’s going to treat herself to a shopping spree, and you know she’s going to bring her two allies, Jason and Rob. Speaking of them, they’re "real men" (Karma’s words), and u know it’s true. The one and the other Jason and Rob have large cocks that stay hard and can copulate as long as it takes for Karma to cum. Which doesn’t take long, due to the size of their ramrods! Oh…they’ll give her multiple orgasms, also. Which leaves the agonorgasmos for the one and the other men: they’ll double-load Karma’s cum-hole with so much semen, it’ll leak out for hours. Unless u clean it up, which Karma will vigour you to do! Clean up time, cuckboi!!!
Karma Rx Karma Rx

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