Kali Karinena – Super Kali

Super Kali

Super Kali

What does wife and Mother Kali wanna do that this babe is not at any time done?

“I’m in the process of doing it right now!”

Kali is thoughtful but spontaneous. Ask her a question and she’ll think previous to answering, but if that babe sees a petticoat chaser this babe loves, she will not be coy about making the 1st move.

“What actually acquires me off is having sex with strangers,” she said. “I know it is atypical, but I confess it.”

Kali had sex with 2 strangers–guys she’d just met–when that babe visited our studio, and that babe enjoyed the experience. She is had sex with bucks that babe just met in clothing stores. She’s a swinger. That babe is into Tantric yoga, and when we asked her the difference between Tantric yoga and an orgy, that babe said, “If it’s a actually valuable orgy, not much. It’s all succulent, sexy and hawt.”

Kali’s beloved movie star is Isabella Rossellini. “People always say I look love her,” Kali said. She usually doesn’t wear knickers ‘coz “they slow things down,” and she says her hobby is sex. That babe is a swinger, but that babe isn’t a nudist (although that babe has been to nude beaches). Her hubby accompanied her to the studio and that stud watched her have sex with our men.

“He can’t live without being a cuckold,” Kali said. “He watches me often, and I always adore to give a nice brandish.”

And when Kali’s showing all, it’s all worthy. See the movie scene of her getting ass-fucked by a 20 something smooth operator. Yes. All valuable.

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