Julie Kay

Julie Kay Julie Kay
Julie Kay @ WeFuckBlackGirls.com
Julie Kay urges to get knocked up. Badly. She is been working on it for months but to no avail. This leads her to a specialist in the field, Dr. Knight. The priceless doctor is known for "cutting edge" and "non-traditional techniques" when it comes to helping a lady receive preggy, and today’s he is going to implement one of those techniques. He’s got three bucks with higher-than-normal man juice counts; in fact, those boyz have counts so high, they’re in the top 1% of the male species. In addition, Dr. Knight strongly feels that when a woman’s sexuality is heightened, the chances for a gestation are significantly higher as well. The doctor will really participate in his own procedure, in advance of all four dudes deeply inseminate Julie. You are reading this correctly: all four chaps take a turn unloading deep inside Julie Kay with out any break whatever, which is Dr. Knight’s final procedure. If this doesn’t work, Dr. Knight will make some other appointment…this time, with more guys!
Julie Kay Julie Kay
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