Halle Hayes

Halle Hayes Halle Hayes
Halle Hayes @ WeFuckBlackGirls.com
Halle is sexy, this babe can charming much have anyone she wishes. So when her friend Zack was falling behind in class, that babe offered to assist him study, it was a class she had taken in advance of so this babe knew exactly what their professor needed. But there was a bit of a quid competent quo caveat… if Halle were to aid him pass, she would receive his body in return as a award. The bitch inside her couldnt resist making the deal even if it meant risking their friendship. That guy accepted and when semester grades came out, turns out her time paid off. This man was so cheerful to have passed and Halle was even happier to remind him of their arrangement. That babe demanded him right then and there, in her yard, and within minutes he was oiling up her bigger than run of the mill round butt and this babe was clapping it for his rock hard pink pecker.
Halle Hayes Halle Hayes
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