Grandma and her funky toy

Grandma and her funky toy

Grandma and her funky toy

Hot-bodied 60-year-old Lisa Marie Heart is back. She’s wearing a corset that unveils off her greater than typical, glamourous love bubbles, panties, nylons, a garter thong and fuck-me pumps. Sure, Lisa Marie is a divorcee, but that babe is also a Mother and a grandmother, and it’s uncommon that u watch a grandma who looks as wonderful as she does. Certainly, when u do watch one, that babe is at

After her boobs come out and her panties come off, Lisa Marie takes out an odd toy and fucks herself with it.

“I was a topless dancer for many years,” Lisa Marie said. “I actually like dancing and teasing chaps.”

60PLUSMILFS: So how did you transition from stripping to escorting?

Lisa Marie: This is a funny story. One day, I came into work at the club where I was dancing, and this angel said, “Are you Lisa Marie?” And I told, “Yeah,” and she said, “You drilled my client,” and I said, “Oh my god, I did not know he was your client,” and that babe said, “I would not have minded, but you did it for free.” And I told, “Yeah, this ladies man was truly joy. We screwed for hours,” and that babe told, “He pays me to fuck him, and now he’s not going to do it anymore ‘cuz you’re so much fun.” And that’s when I realized I could have more enjoyment with the men out side the club, so when a lady-killer would turn me on, I would ask him if this man wanted to watch me outdoors the lap dancing club. No agencies. Just me.

60PLUSMILFS: What do u love paramount about being an escort?

Lisa Marie: I actually like turning chaps on. It indeed turns me on to know that I can give a gent so much joy.

60PLUSMILFS: Do u go to them or do they come to u?

Lisa Marie: If they desire me to come to their house, I will, but I try to talk ’em with out it coz my abode is set up for sex. I’ve this charming, large sofa with disco lights everywhere. I have places where we can tie each other up. I’ve mirrors. They can look at me giving them a oral. I always kick off a session with a lap dance to slowly observe what they adore, what turns ’em on. I tell ’em to keep their eyes open while I’m giving ’em a oral sex. They always say it is love a pornstar experience. And that is why I decided to try porn. They all said, “You should do porn. You’re so worthwhile at it.” A girlfriend recommended me to The SCORE Group and sent in my fotos for me, and u took me right away. I was shocked.

60PLUSMILFS: What gets you off?

LIsa Marie: I like it really downy, and I truly like them to hum on my cum-hole. I love messy talk.

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