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Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova
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It’s "TV night" for Gabriella Paltrova and Boyfriend…but where’s "Gabi"? Husband is yelling for her, cuz their show’s ready about to start, but still no Gabi. Pretty soon she emerges from the bedroom, but instead of being dressing in sweats and her over-sized t-shirt, Gabi is decked-out in handsome, darksome underware! Husband thinks this ladies man is about to receive laid, but no! Turns out Gabi’s favourite Bull, Jax, just got off the phone. Jax desires a "booty call", so instead of TV night, Husband is gonna be treated to a cuckold session! "This is Jax’s favorite lingerie…do I look hawt?" Gabi asks her Spouse, just as the doorbell rings. Watch Gabi plant a humongous kiss on Jax’s face hole as this guy walks in, and it doesn’t take lengthy in advance of Gabi and Husband are one as well as the other on their knees. Gabi is mouthing BBC as Partner watches, and as long as Hubby doesn’t "act up", Gabi is allowing him to jerk his dinkie. Wouldn’t you know it, though? Spouse acts up almost just now, which means he’ll be caged! No more beating off for Partner! Gabi chooses to allow Jax into her arse the complete evening, which Gabi will taste after each position. Jax lastly unloads all over Gabi’s impressive, full bush, which means it’s time for Husband to perform cleaning duties! Chalk this up as another great cuckold session for Gabi and Husband! Way more worthy than any TV show!
Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova

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