Forty-years with one man…and now this!

Forty-years with one guy…and now this!

Forty-years with one fellow...and now this!

This is it: Joanne Price’s 1st on-camera sex episode! Counting the photo set we posted the other day, this is the second time Joanne has had sex with somebody other than her partner in 48 years (here at, we shoot the photo and movie scene scenes separately; we don’t discharge pix while shooting the movie). The scene widens with 64-year-old Joanne sticking her voluptuous arse into the camera, then sucking Juan’s rod. It proceeds with Joanne getting screwed rock hard and savouring every thrust of not-her-hubby’s man-meat.

“Oh, give me that cock!” Joanne says. “Oh, that is wonderful jock. Great jock!”

The scene ends with Juan shooting his man juice all over Joanne’s face and Joanne fondelling it in.

Smth tells us she is not gonna await one more Fourty eight years to fuck anybody other than her husband.

Joanne used to be a nurse and now she works part-time at a motel and a tanning salon. She is not a swinger or a nudist. She’s never been a dancer. She has never modeled at all.

“My spouse and I bought a magazine and saw an advert for glamour models,” that babe said. “And my partner told, ‘Let’s take some images and send ’em.'” Joanne and her boyfriend have been reading 40something and Voluptuous magazines for 3 years. They watch a lot of porn together, so that babe knows what’s supposed to go on in a sex episode.

“I didn’t think this would happen,” Joanne told.

It happened. And if Joanne wishes to make it happen anew, we’re here for her!

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