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Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
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Brooke Wylde is a Dark Jock Wench. On the streets this babe is refereed to as a "BCS". You probably know this, but a BCS performs dissolute sex acts for dark guys only. For instance, Brooke might leave a lap dancing club with a dark dude and give up any 3 of her holes in his car during the time that it is still parked out back. In other words, smth she’d at not time do with a white fellow. Do not acquire me wrong: she’ll a team fuck a white charmer, but it’s not at any time a wicked, random white dude. But that lady-killer from the exotic dancing club I just mentioned? Brooke probably doesn’t know his 1st name. It’s the dark-skinned man’s "swag" that acquires Brooke to do things this babe knows she shouldn’t…including jizz pies and swallows. White boyz fetch out and discharge it on her tummy, but the Dark-skinned Ladies man owns her potty throat and tight twat. Ask the white Lothario Brooke just ditched for some other random "BBC"!
Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
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