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James and Ashley have a wedding suit measuring appointment. James comes over to receive Ashleys updated measurements since shes gone with a recent designer. James measures her and comes to a culmination the raiment must come off to acquire the majority accurate numbers! He marvels at her body. Her measurements are almost cartoon-like! The ideal handful of tit, a teeny miniature waist, wide haunches, and a very delectable arse. James can’t make no doubt of her- Ashley has a coke bottle body. It is likewise perfect. That woman chaser tsk tsks at her brassiere and convinces her that it’s just also altering and that each millimeter counts. She removes it and during the time that he has tape in hand, this chab drops it to measure with his hands. This chap finds this method much more accurate. Ashley is surprised hes not homosexual, and gives in to his hands feeling her in all the spots. Cheating is well worth the risk at this point! In a short time sufficient, this babe finds herself fucking anybody else previous to her bigger than run of the mill day.
Ashley Aleigh Ashley Aleigh
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