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Anne Amari is one lewd lady. In fact, Anne is so horny, this babe is pushed aside the porno she was jerking off to in dictate to get some real rod action over at her place!! Listen to this: Anne got online, started looking for "services", and found a plumber! His picture was in his online classified ad, and sure enough, Anne loved his looks! The Plumber is tatted-up, and is brawny with lots of muscles! He’s a white lad, too! All this added up to Anne calling The Plumber to come fix her pipes! Just one problem — no broken pipes at Anne’s abode! Her snatch sure is moist, though, so once The Plumber figured out he was duped, Anne simply enticed him! Deep, passionate giving a kiss turned into oral-job…which turned into The Plumber railing Miss Amari into multiple orgasms! The Plumber came, also — all over Anne’s face! And since Anne was so impressed with The Plumber’s skills, that babe made sure to leave him a 5-star review!!
Anne Amari Anne Amari
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