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Anikka Albrite Anikka Albrite
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Let’s face it, you’ve been on the road too much recently, but your work demands it. U know your wife, Anikka, has been a little dissatisfied not long ago…but u haven’t had much time to even think much about it. And the times u do manage to pay attention to her during the time that you are home, well…the sex is getting a little mundane. What you did not await is Anikka’s next move. Let’s call is "Anikka’s Surprise". While you’re far away on some other business trip making money for your family, your wife took the family camcorder and placed it on a tripod. Then, this babe pressed record. What begins out as a teaser video for you as a gift when you return quickly turns into smth you’re not sure you can handle…but you see anyway. Anikka’s invited a darksome chap into your bedroom, and this babe is gonna copulate him on your marital couch. She’ll even do things with him she’d not at any time do with u. For sample, she takes him in her arse then swallows his load. After it’s all told and done, your head is spinning. Time for a divorce? Or have her invite more studs in next time u leave town?

Anikka Albrite Anikka Albrite

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