Angelique DuBois – Facially yours

Facially yours

Facially yours

Angelique DuBois just turned 60 the other day, and now she’s making her launch engulfing the cock of a 24-year-old and banging him, too. Taking his cum on her face.

Angelique was born in South Africa and now lives in California, where she’s a divorced Mother of three and a grandmother. She’s, here, fulfilling her cougar dreams.

“I have a very different image in public, so people would be very shocked and surprised to see me here,” Angelique said. “Of course, my kids are not at any time gonna view, so it is going to be my little secret!”

A secret that we and all members gonna aid her keep…after we have finished enjoying her photos and video, certainly.

“I have attempted swinging and was part of a group that was fun,” Angelique said. “We would go to a abode and spend the day interacting with every other.” Interacting? “Having sex. It was an all-day and all-night sex fuckfest. All kinds of scenarios.”

And Angelique was involved with almost any o them.

By the way, the lad she’s rogering here isn’t her youngest.

“I dated a 19-year-old one time,” she said. “He wore me out with all-night sex, and I had to go to work the next day.”

Savour Angelique. Her first time, just for u.

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