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Alexa Tomas Alexa Tomas
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Mandingo’s forging down a second career path, and it’s in international finance. After all, how lengthy can one bonk on camera? Dingo’s smart, and he’s looking into the future…but there is one thing holding him back. He needs to slaver a second language, and that dude is chosen Spanish. Between Mexico, Latin chick America, and Spain, there is plenty of opportunity, and Dingo has his eyes set on them. This Lothario also has his eyes set on his Spanish trainer, Alexa Tomas. In fact, that’s what’s holding him back from mastering Spanish. Alexa’s so sexy, Dingo has a predicament doing everything around her, and she’s noticed the heavy bulge in his crotch whenever they’re sat close to every other. This day Dingo’s forgotten his books, but he’s willing to learn by conversation…no matter where that conversation may lead.
Alexa Tomas Alexa Tomas
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