Jessa Lee – Trading Ass for Rent

Trading Butt for Rent

Trading Ass for Rent

Youthful Jessa Lee is about to learn the rock hard facts of life: Ass or money. Nobody receives away with out paying the rent. The wolf comes knocking at her door, demanding money. That babe says, “I’m sorry. I’ll get it to u as pretty soon as I can.” She’s having a rock hard time making ends meet. She is a bartender. Drunk people do not tip well. “We need to evict u,” the wolf says. “We have no partiality.” Jessa Lee writes him an I.O.U. That stud is not buying. “It was worth a try,” Jessa Lee says. The wolf is insulted. That chap gives Jessa Lee Twenty four hours to evacuate the premises. At this point, Jessa Lee realizes, “I have about a half 60 minutes to evacuate the cum from his nut sac.” So that babe goes down on him. Cuz despairing times call for desperate measures.

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Valentina Rosario – Valentina’s first fuck shocker

Valentina’s 1st shag shocker

Valentina's 1st screw shocker

“The people who know me would be shocked to see me here, doing this,” told Valentina Rosario, a Cuban-born, 49-year-old divorcee who lives in Florida. “I would probably lose lots of friendships.”

Shag Them, Valentina. If they’re plan to be close-minded about a hawt MILF love u showing off her ram for all the world to see, they’re not fine of your friendship. They’re not good of your class and style and sexiness and C-cup milk shakes and pink slit and…okay, we’re getting carried away with ourselves.

Valentina had by no means modeled undressed, no less drilled on-camera, previous to this babe traipsed into our studio. As we said, that babe is a Mom. That babe isn’t a swinger, but she’s a nudist. That babe likes men in uniform. We asked her how often that babe has sex, and that babe told, “Not often enough.”

We’re plan to assist you change that, Valentina.

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Catrina Costa – Catrina’s first fuck video

Catrina’s 1st copulate video

Catrina's first shag video

“I’ve been swinging for about three years,” said divorced Mamma of three Catrina Costa, who’s making her worldwide XXX episode first appearance right here. “My boyfriend and I host bi-friendly every week gang-bang parties. Just recently, we made me air-tight. It was funny coz we were having a predicament getting 3 boyz rigid and ready at the same time, but we finally did it.”

And, so, Catrina had her mouth, cunt and dark hole stuffed with jock at the same time.

Here, 50-year-old Catrina is limited to one strapon. It belongs to 22-year-old Peter, who she is found jacking off at his computer. No reason to be embarrassed, Peter, even if Catrina is your mom’s almost all good friend. This babe craves your jock, and the fact that it’s already out just makes things easier.

Catrina is a nudist who says, “I adore nudity with sex even more.” That happens here. Nudity and sex. She can’t live without to be spanked. This babe likes when lads cum on her chest. She is had tons of sex with lots of younger males, including at those gang-bang parties that babe spoken about, so when you ask Catrina how often this babe has sex, her answer is, “How many days a week or how many times.” There is a large difference cuz in one day, that babe could receive banged 20 or 30 times.

Catrina ran a daycare for eight years. This babe is worked in retail. This babe has been a waitress. She has managed offices. Now she’s in accounting. She used to play soccer. Now her hobbies are “spending time with my family and participating in gangbangs.”

Hmmmm…one of those things is not love the other.

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Satine Spark – Smooth as Satine

Smooth as Satine

Smooth as Satine

Satine’s back, and she’s shaving her fuzzy bawdy cleft! We’ve had a worthy time ogling her unshaved bush, but now it is time to say goodbye. In the clip, she gives us one final chance to survey her fuzzy fur pie previous to taking a razor and removing all of her follicles. It takes a during the time that coz this babe let it go for quite some time! In the picture set, she’s already bald, lotioned and willing to brandish off her pink, smooth snatch. That babe is spreading wide and giving us a close look unfathomable inside her welcoming fur pie!

It might be a sad day for beaver paramours, but it’s some other victory for fans of shavers!

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Gabriella Sky – Gabriella Sky’s amazing oral skills

Gabriella Sky’s amazing oral skills

Gabriella Sky's remarkable oral-sex skills

Gabriella Sky, Fourty three, a real-life speech pathologist, helps 22-year-old Peter with his stuttering problem by pushing her perky bosoms into his face and engulfing and screwing his cock. In the end, Peter cums all over Gabriella’s face. Is that the solution? Can all speech issues be solved by having a hawt doctor like Gabriella?

Probably. But not likewise many honey bunnys are adore Gabriella. This babe is super-sexy. She likes to copulate. That babe has some unusual fetishes-her dream is to fuck identical twins and this babe one time had sex in an Italian ruin-but that babe is not a swinger and she’d not ever had sex on-camera until that babe strolled into our studio. This is her second scene. We hope that babe comes back for a third.

Gabriella one time had a job baking custom cupcakes. She wants to climb the Great Pyramids. Maybe she can have sex on one of ’em, also. She’s a fan of South American and European soccer. This babe wears Brazilian-cut panties. She is a Mother. She describes herself as “very spiritual.” That babe can’t live out of males with great teeth.

How about just teeth, Gabriella? Will that do?

That babe likes younger males.

“Younger men seem to be attracted to me,” this babe told.

Smart younger men, eh?

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Catrina Costa – Catrina fucks her best friend’s son

Catrina screws her almost any marvelous friend’s son

Catrina shags her foremost friend's son

Catrina Costa, 50, catches 22-year-old Peter jacking off at his computer. That smooth operator is embarrassed. She’s not.

“That looks charming interesting,” Catrina says.

“Catrina, my mom’s not here,” Peter says, flustered, trying to cover his cock. “She’s not intend to be back until later, so u can go now.”

“Peter, expose me, I wanna watch,” Catrina insists, clothed sexily in a cleavage-revealing top and a short skirt.

Catrina has known him since that babe was little. That babe and his Mamma are paramount friends, and now she’s going to assist out her best friend’s son by showing him how to treat a female.

Catrina knows how this babe wants to be treated. This is her first time rogering on-camera, but this divorced mother-of-three from Rhode Island (now living in California) is a swinger. That babe and her partner host bi-weekly gang-bang parties.

“The wildest night might have been when we had Twenty eight boyz unveil up, but all the women flaked,” Catrina told. “I was tired at the end of the evening!”

Overtired and pleased. Catrina is into anal job, but that’s a story for another day. That babe wishes to have her throat, twat and arsehole filled at the same time. “Air-tight,” she calls it. That babe can’t live with out to be spanked. She likes when fellows cum on her chest. That babe says her family would be very surprised to see her here “because they are very religious. My co-workers would likewise be surprised ‘cuz at work, I am quiet and keep to myself.”

Catrina is an accountant. That doesn’t sound like too much pleasure. What she is doing here is definitely lots of joy. Savour her.

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Mandy Hudson – Patio Poking

Patio Shoving

Patio Poking

Mandy is Nineteen years old, 5’5″, weighs about 123 pounds, wears 34B bras and prefers ass shorts. Mandy discovered herself wishing for a rock hard schlong, so this babe called us up and asked if we could give her some hardcore act if that babe took time off from work and drove to Miami from her home in Fort Worth, Texas. U never refuse a redhead who desires to copulate…and here this babe is.

“I have a very short fuse; I cum in, like, 2 minutes when my clit’s being licked,” Mandy told. “I think it surprised Brad when I orgasmed as he was tongueing me. Then, once that first one was out of the way, I came, like, twice more as we were screwing: I didn’t await that, either. I like to take it slow when it comes to sex. I’ll do it in any position that the ladies man wants to try, and I can cum in any position. But when I am emotionally close to a lad, I love getting into the missionary position and cumming that way so I can look into his eyes as that woman chaser cums with me. I know that sounds a bit soppy, but I’ve really discussed it with some of my friends and they all agree with me. So, lads, if the gal you’re banging craves to go missionary and cum with you, it probably means that she’s got feelings for u. Be warned. I don’t mind if a fellow asks to cum on my face, over my bazookas or in my face hole. If I have already cum, I indeed do not care. But, given the partiality, I would rather he came inside me because it feels so damned fine. I loved fucking Brad with the cameramen watching us; it made it all the more exciting. Well, there have been a dunky in number times that I have drilled a chap whilst my girlfriend and her fellow were fucking on the next daybed, so I’m not timid about banging in front of other people.”

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Satine Spark – One Last Hurrah

One Final Hurrah

One Last Hurrah

Ok dudes, we warned u back in February that Satine was gonna shave her pubes. We’re posting pictures and clip of her hairless clam later this week, but first we’re gonna enjoy her thick bush one more time. Discover out how her beaver creeps down her hips, peeking out from underneath her cotton panties.

Although we’ll miss Satine’s blond bawdy cleft hair, we’re lustful to watch how her thick pink flaps look with out that thatch of pubes on top. Stay tuned for the next not many days to watch Satine’s shaving set.

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Gabriella Sky – She sucks and slurps stiffy in this scene

That babe sucks and slurps hardon in this scene

She sucks and slurps boner in this scene

Peter has a problem. That woman chaser stutters. This chab doesn’t think this chab stutters, but that guy does. So his Mama sent him to a speech therapist. The therapist’s name is Gabriella Sky, who displays up for Peter’s appointment wearing a sheer, button-down blouse over a pink brassiere. The sight of Gabriella makes Peter nervous. His stutter worsens. Gabriella takes notice that the more concerned Peter gets, the more he stutters. That babe takes off her blouse, and this chab becomes a stuttering mess. She sucks his shlong and this chab can barely acquire out a sentence. So that chap makes a decision to just shut up and have pleasure Dr. Sky’s throat and cookie.

Priceless idea.

Gabriella, who’s 43 and making her second appearance, indeed is a speech pathologist, so in this scene, this babe is playing a role that babe knows. We’re not saying Gabriella has banged any of her patients. That babe is not saying that, either. But we can watch how the method of therapy used in this scene could be effective.

You’ll notice in the movie that Peter doesn’t stutter when this chab cums on Dr. Sky’s face or asks for his next appointment.

More on Gabriella: That babe was born in Jamaica and lives in South Florida. That babe has C-cup bra buddies and a sexy body. She is a Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK. That babe has silky-soft skin. She’s into fellatio. She’s still looking for identical twins to have sex with.

That babe does not sell seashells by the seashore. But that babe does suck rock hard dong in this scene.

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Mila Jade – For The Creeps

For The Creeps

For The Creeps

Age: 21; Born: Apr. 22; Ht:5’3″; Wt: 106 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Usually none; Anal: Yep; BJs: Drink; Lives: Flagstaff, Arizona; Occupation: Student.

“You wouldn’t make almost certainly of how many creeps hit on me and ask what high-school I go to,” Mila told us. We understand why those lads would be embarrassed. Mila looks youthful. That is one of the reasons that babe decided to fuck a lady-killer on-camera for us. “I’ve always had to prove how mature I am. Rogering on-camera is plan to be my trump card. When a skirt chaser tells me I look love a little hotty, I’ll show him some of those photos.”

We noticed Mila’s, uh, interesting tattoos, so we asked her about them. “Getting tattoos is another way that I let boys know how old I am. I cant await to acquire more! I’m hiding ’em from my parents right now, though. I do not wish ’em to know that I’ve got tattoos. I would love to eventually receive a full sleeve done, but I need to expect until after my parents are finished paying for my school. I cant wait to graduate! I have had fun in high school, but it’s time to move on. I’ll miss hooking up with randoms (strangers) at parties, though. I guess that promiscuity is a high school thing. I think I’ll settle down one time I graduate.”

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Charlotta – Charlotta’s anal debut

Charlotta’s anal debut

Charlotta's anal debut

Here’s Charlotta, a 67-year-old divorcee from Prague. That babe used to be a singer. Now she’s engulfing strapon on-camera. This babe enjoys watching tennis and ice skating. Here, that babe enjoys taking a large penis up her a-hole. That babe loves swimming and traveling. Here, that babe has sex for all the world to watch.

Charlotta is a Mom. This babe says the people who know her would be surprised to watch her doing this ‘cuz, “I’m a very quiet person.”

Well, we have known many quiet babes who have fucked for us on-camera.

This babe likewise used to be a PA. She worked in an office. She is not a swinger. She’s not a nudist, although this babe told, “When I was in Bulgaria for holiday, I went to a stripped beach for hotty’s.”

No lezzie action broke out.

And, yeah, that babe can’t live without wazoo stab, as you are about to watch. Welcome to The Bigger than average Show, Charlotta.

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Madison Milstar – SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 1

SCOREtv Season 2 Video 1

SCOREtv Season TWO Video 1

SCOREtv is back with all-new vids!

This season, SCOREtv covers more than the world of big-boobed SCORE and Voluptuous Angels. We have got 18eighteen Girls, HORNY HOUSEWIVES and XL Cuties joining in the act plus many peculiar guest stars.

Movie scene one stars 18eighteen Goddess Naomi Wood, the great Liza Biggs of SCORE and Voluptuous fame, 60PlusMilf Madison Milstar, XL Angel Lila Sweet, “How To Be A Porn Chap,” a recent series with Tony Rubino, and SCORELAND Hotty Marie Leone, showing how this babe buys and tries her bras. Specific thank’s to all of our guests and our SCOREtv host and SCORE magazine editor Dave.

Stay abreast for more movies of SCOREtv Season 2 coming at ya!

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