Scarlet – Cougar on the Prowl

Cougar on the Prowl

Cougar on the Prowl

Lives: Leicester, England; Occupation: Diminutive business owner; Age: 40; Born: October Twenty; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 113 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cotton; Anal: All of the time; BJs: Drink; Masturbate: Yep. It’s healthy.

“I’ve got plenty of free time on my hands since my divorce,” Scarlet explained to us. “And I have got a rotating roster of juvenile fellows to please me. I can not make almost certainly of I wasted so much time with that prick ex-boyfriend of mine. We merely screwed one time or twice a month, but this chab was out on the city banging every 20-year-old with blond hair and fake breasts. Extraordinary! Well, now I’ve got my own 20-year-olds. I took over my ex’s half of the business and now I’ve to hire whomever I crave. Generally, that is a university ladies man with meaty arms, tight pants and a head full of hair! It is wonderful! Just the other day I gave our stocker a oral in the warehouse. I swallowed his cum and this guy got some other erection while still in my throat. Isn’t youth astounding?”

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Katherine Merlot – Katherine is 47 years older than the guy who’s fucking her!

Katherine is 47 years maturer than the lad who’s screwing her!

Katherine is 47 years maturer than the smooth operator who's banging her!

“I think having plenty of sex keeps more than your body juvenile,” told 73-year-old divorcee, Mom, grandmother and courtesan Katherine Merlot. “It keeps u going on the inside, likewise. Having a sex drive and a healthy sex life preserves your vitality.”

Katherine, our second-oldest GILF ever (Sandra Ann is still No. 1), proves she still has tons of spring in her step and her muff by screwing 26-year-old Rocky.

Think about that: a 73-year-old with a 26-year-old. More than two generations separate them. Rocky is easily youthful enough to be Katherine’s grandson. How many 73-year-olds do you know who would be daring sufficient to screw on-camera, no less screw a 26-year-old porn buck on-camera?

Katherine enjoys multiple, intensive orgasms.

“My adore button is very sensitive,” this saucy redhead told. “I completely love when a man kisses it and licks it passionately. I feel every little thing they do, and it receives me in the mood love no thing else. When I rub it during sex, it sends me over the edge.”

Here, Katherine sends Rocky over the edge, and this woman chaser cums on her face. Now that’s a heckuva thing to do to a grandmother!

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Raquel Sultra – Shopping for cock

Shopping for cock

Shopping for cock

Raquel Sultra, a 41-year-old divorcee, is shopping in a shoe store. That babe is been waiting impatiently for a lengthy time, but nobody’s helping her. What kind of store is this? Who would not want to assist a hard-bodied blonde with bigger in size than run of the mill pantoons and long legs?

Finally, Peter comes out. This gent works in the store. That babe asks him to bring out the most-expensive shoes in the store. He helps her try on her shoes.

“You have priceless feet,” that buck says.

This babe has a valuable fur pie, also, as Peter takes notice because Raquel isn’t wearing knickers. She begins rubbing his crotch with her shoes. This petticoat chaser tries to deny that he’s been looking up her skirt, but his stiffy is giving him away. Before lengthy, Raquel is sucking his penis and screwing him right there in the store. Must not have been a busy day at the mall.

Raquel is from Texas. This babe is a fitness competitor. That babe is been a bikini model.

“Working out is a astronomical part of my life, especially after having kids,” this babe said. “I started out training and just working out and wanting to be in worthy health. In my Twentys, I was in truly priceless shape and was adult modeling, so I had to stay in shape, then betwixt every kid, I truly had to workout to receive my body back. And then I started doing fitness competitions, and now with porn, there is so much competition out there and so many juvenile girls and gracious honeys, I’ve to keep in shape. Plus I enjoy it. It gives me a lot more energy. It has increased how strong my orgasms are, how many I can have.”

In this scene, this babe has plenty. Peter has one. In her throat.

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Lucy Dunne – First-Time Bi-Sex 3-Way

First-Time Bi-Sex 3-Way

First-Time Bi-Sex 3-Way

Plantation, Florda
Age: Twenty two
Born: August 12
Ht: 5’9″ Wt: 155 lbs
Bras: 34D

New York, New York
Age: 19
Born: August 1
Ht: 5’4″ Wt: 121 lbs
Bras: 32A

Lean back, unzip and relish this amateur 3some. We kind of surprised those 2 newbies with this three-way. Watch, we brought Lucy (the brunette hair) in to bonk on-camera for the first time. We also invited Stephanie to come in to do her 1st nude solo work. The cuties started talking in our makeup room and they hit it off. Lucy mentioned that this babe likes eating grip and Stephanie mentioned that she’d by no means been with a angel. We overheard this and decided to act. We called up our smooth operator and said him we had a surprise for him if this fellow hurried to the studio. Then we pitched the idea to the beauties. Lucy was onboard just now. “I’m all about that booty,” she told us. “And Steph’s got an fetching arse. I wanted to tongue her anus and take up with the tongue her moist, pink wet crack the moment I met her. Stephanie was less sure. “I will not know what to do with a cutie,” that babe protested. “I guess I can just focus on engulfing and screwing the boy. I’m kind of curious about how a gal bonks.”

Lads, before you start begging us to post the movie, here’s the deal: We shoot every scene twice, one time for photos and once for movie scenes. This Lothario popped all over the girls’ faces and couldn’t receive unbending anew for the movie scene. It happens sometimes. It is one of the hardest jobs in the world, after all.

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Abby – Back with Answers

Back with Answers

Back with Answers

Abby’s back, and this time that babe is got more to say! We sitting down with this fresh-faced non-professional and asked her some personal questions. You have got to identify out her interview. She’s discussing her stupendous sexual dream, her experience with handling rods and why that babe decided to undress on-camera for us!

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Danielle Brooks – Danielle and the neighbor

Danielle and the neighbor

Danielle and the neighbor

The story here is very basic.

Danielle Brooks is upset. Her spouse isn’t giving her what that babe craves. We’re not talking about cash. We’re talking about ramrod.

So she invites Tony over to her abode. He’s been her neighbor for 15 years. That babe complains about her gent.

Tony can not believe that this douchebag isn’t paying attention to this hot piece of gazoo.

Danielle tells him that that babe suggested a threesome to her husband with Tony as the other boy.

Tony makes a decision to not expect for the three-some and has a twosome with Danielle right then and there, in her kitchen.

And that’s the story of 48-year-old Danielle’s 1st screw movie at

Danielle is from Florida. That babe is a Mother. She’s an actress and a singer. We hope Tony didn’t ruin her voice by banging her face hole. This babe isn’t a nudist or a swinger. She’s just a regular, hot woman who u might watch at the store, but that babe has needs.

“I like the idea of so many fellows watching me having sex and masturbating to my fotos and videos,” Danielle told.

Satisfy her need, gentlemen.

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Katherine Merlot – Cum for Katherine

Cum for Katherine

Cum for Katherine

Rocky, who’s 26, is doing some decide back. Katherine, who’s 73, calls to him from the window.

“Rocky, come here,” she says. “I have smth else I wish u to do for me upstairs.”

Change a lightbulb? No. Nail smth into the wall? No, but close. Fix Katherine’s plumbing? You are getting closer.

Katherine, who’s wearing hawt lingerie, needs aid with her nylons. Rocky is cheerful to lend a hand. And then his tool. Before long, she’s working on his wang and that fellow is working on her mature divorcee bawdy cleft and cumming all over her face.

All in a day’s work, right?

Katherine is a appealing, well-aged redhead who’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. If it’s class and elegance u desire, she’s your girl.

“I think you can be spruce and sexual, if that makes any sense. I try to be elegant in the way I dress and carry myself, but when I’ve sex with a petticoat chaser, the dirtiest things will come without my face hole. Having a sex drive and a healthy sex life preserves your vitality. It keeps that spring in your step. It’s just as healthy as eating tons of veggies.”

But not asparagus. Do not eat asparagus if you’re planning on cumming on a GILF’s face or in her face hole. Very bad idea.

This public service announcement was brought to you by

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Patsy – Patsy and the gapingest pussy ever

Patsy and the gapingest cum-hole ever

Patsy and the gapingest vagina ever

Now here’s a peculiar treat. Patsy, a 66-year-old housewife, Mamma and grandmother, makes her debut after taking by storm with her gaping cunt. It might be the gapingest fur pie we have ever seen, even more of a dark-skinned aperture than Connie McCoy’s, and that is saying smth.

Patsy was born in United Realm and lives in the United States. She is gorgeous. This babe has a taut, thin, fuckable body. These of u seeing Patsy’s wet crack for the 1st time now know why we were happy to bring its owner into our studio even though that babe wouldn’t do hardcore. There was no way we were going to pass up the opportunity to brandish you her big, wide, gaping, pink and dark aperture.

“I didn’t realize my snatch was so peculiar,” she told.

Well, it is.

“I’m much more admirable now than when I was in my 40’s,” she said. “There’s no comparison. I love myself more magnificant now. I check out the photos of me that me and my partner have taken over the years and I’m absolutely different. I guess I am a lot sexier.”

And it goes with out saying that Patsy’s gaping cum-hole has gotten better, too. The more it gets drilled, the more it gapes. Are you gent sufficient to handle it?

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Rachel James – Horny Little Angel

Randy Little Goddess

Horny Little Angel

Lives: Miami, Florida; Occupation: Timeshare salesperson; Age: Nineteen; Born: March 21; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: G-strings or lace; Anal: Finger me, that is all; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: 24/7.

“I don’t have any fetishes and my dreams usually center around a beefy goddess taking control of me. I am not even certain why I am doing this,” Rachel said us. “I guess it could be a way of rebelling against my parents or my goody two-shoes reputation. I was actually serious throughout high-school. I graduated four months early. I only had one boyfriend that complete time. I was really sinless.”

“When I graduated early and started taking my nurse’s assistant classes, I was surrounded by all of those maturer people. It opened my eyes. Everyone seemed to be banging except for me. I started going out with them and doing things I by no means would have dreamed of. I rogered a security guard at a rap concert in a bath stall! At one point I was addicted to masturbating. I observed porn all day on my cell phone and I was making myself cum, adore, five times a day. I was glamorous much taking on each experience that came my way. I have had trios with every combination of boys and beauties. I was in relationships with hotties and bucks, sometimes at the same time. I went a little bit avid! I’m still insane, but I focus my attention on one thing at a time now.”

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Danielle Brooks – Danielle’s in the kitchen with cock

Danielle’s in the kitchen with rod

Danielle's in the kitchen with cock

“Some people I know would be surprised to see me here, but a lot know I have multiple talents and would understand me exploring this and know that I see porn as an art,” said Danielle Brooks, a 48-year-old Mother and divorcee from Florida.

Porn as art? Well, in Danielle’s first suck ‘n’ bonk pictures for, she receives her face painted by Tony’s cum. That’s art!

Danielle is 5’9″ and weighs about 134 pounds. That babe measures a buxom 36-28-35. Her hobbies are acting and singing, and she has an amazing voice. We heard her sing. That babe isn’t a swinger. This babe isn’t a nudist. She is charming conventional when it comes to sex. This babe likes having her twat eaten previous to you stick it in her. Sounds fair sufficient. She loves when a Lothario puts his fingers in her mouth whilst he is fucking her. We’re not psychoanalysts, but it sounds like Danielle would adore a three-some with 2 males so one of ’em could replace those fingers with a weenie while the other one is fucking her pussy.

She’s had sex with a 23-year-old. She truly fell in love with that 23-year-old. Like can be a dangerous thing. We think Danielle should focus on lust and her love for rod.

There is much more of Danielle to come.

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Jewels Jade

Jewels Jade Jewels Jade
Jewels Jade @
Jewels Jade hasn’t been married long, and she’s already giving the eye to her recent step-son’s pals. I guess u could say it’s gorgeous standard behavior for Jewels. Way back in 2002, Bruce Vain and Julian St. Jox brought her to the secret Dogfart mansion. Since then, Jewels has been addicted to bigger in size than run of the mill dark meat-thermometer. Fast forward 13 years and Jewels is the epitome of "MILF". When she is around those younger guys, Jewels takes delight in what that babe can get away with. Whether it is a "nipple slip" in a sheer shirt or "accidentally" walking without the bathroom with no thing on, Jewels receives off on seducing younger chaps. And if it is a darksome woman chaser, well…game on! In fact, this babe is been flirting with her step-son’s "black" friend Isiah for months, and now that the house is empty (hubby on a business voyage, son’s on a road journey), it seems the time is right for Isiah and Jewels to take the "friendship" to the next level. Merely one problem: step-son’s road voyage went sour, fast, and he is back, unexpectedly…and walks in on his buddy getting sucked off. Jewels knows how to handle the situation, though, even if it is in one of the almost any unconventionally taboo ways ever imagined.
Jewels Jade Jewels Jade
Visit – Look at My Cougar Mother Receive Pounded By A Big Dark Monster Wang! Watching My Mama Go Black | Jewels Jade

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Mia Scarlett – Youngest Swinger Ever

Youngest Swinger Ever

Youngest Swinger Ever

Mia’s husband sent her into our studio because they’re swinger couples. At Eighteen, she’s the youngest banging swinger we have ever met. Also, having a spouse recommend that his girlfriend receive drilled by a able cocksman is something that doesn’t usually happen to us at That’s more common with SCORE Group’s Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK sites.

Listen, boyz, you’ve got to find out this interview. Mia’s fantastic. This babe is sexual, brazen and that babe is got a great body.

After we’ve a little chat, Mia starts sucking a stud’s schlong. That babe is nice at it, likewise. Then she pulls down her little knickers and takes that weenie unfathomable into her youthful, constricted fur pie. Pretty soon that babe is riding that pecker and letting it pound her G-spot. U can tell she likes unfathomable, hard penetration. She finishes her first-ever scene by taking a mountainous load all over her face. The cum hits her so inflexible, her head ricochets backwards and her eyes go wide.

Her spouse is the luckiest boy in the world.

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